Browning is a well-known leader in V-belt manufacturing and has been serving customers since 1886.  Browning also offers a wide range of additional efficient power transmission products. Browning’s superb power transmission products include gearing, bearing, and components.  Browning’s center of operations is in Maysville, Kentucky which gives them the ability to service the international market.

Browning offers a range of gearing products that are superb in quality, and a diversity of gearing products with a vast stock to meet their customers every need.  Browning’s sprockets are used a variety of uses around the world.  Browning manufactures mounted bearings that include pillow blocks and flange bearings which are in high demand in different industries worldwide. 

When machinery has an overload or jam, Browning’s Torque Overload Devices protects the machinery reducing any machine down time and preventing costly repairs.  Browning offers eight different torque management solutions to meet a variety of application needs.  Dalton Bearing offers all eight different torques ready for shipping; Browning® Shear Pin Hubs, Browning® Torque Limiters, Browning® Torq/Pro®, Browning® Torq/Pro® X (TPX), Browning® Torq/Pro® Z (TPZ), Browning® Torq/Gard®, and Browning Axial Gard.  Browning also offers a full line of reliable pulleys to meet your needs including: FHP Fixed Pitch Sheaves, FHP Finished Bore Sheaves, FHP Variable Pitch Sheaves, Extreme Light Duty Sheaves, B5V Sheaves, Split Taper Sheaves, QD Sheaves, and Multiple Groove Variable Pitch Sheaves.  Dalton Bearing is happy to help you with all of your questions concerning Browning products.