Allied Locke

Allied Locke is one of the major producers of agricultural chains in the United States. Now a mature company, Allied Locke was founded in 1965 as Allied Chains Inc. Currently, it is positioned as one of the leading producers of power transmission and agricultural products. In 1978, Allied Chains purchased Locke Steel Chain Co of Huntington, Indiana and became Allied Locke Industries. Allied Locke is now a major provider of agricultural chains, engineering class chains, precision roller chains, sprockets and gears. With a history of shrewd and timely acquisitions and mergers Allied Locke has created a profitable history of innovative technology.

Allied Locke is headquartered in Dixon, Illinois with a number of warehouses in various locations throughout the United States. Allied Locke is a member of the Power Transmission and Distribution Association (PTDA) and Water Environment Federation. It continuously works toward its ongoing goal to meet specific customer requirements with top quality products that have high value and utility.

Certified with ISO 9001, Allied Locke possesses the capability of building products to meet any customer specification with high quality and value. The engineering team of Allied Locke is dedicated to providing the best possible cost and quality to its customers. Allied Locke serves its customers with state-of-art services and support, while maintaining utmost level of integrity. Allied Locke Industries is comprised of four divisions: the agricultural chain division, the precision roller chain division, the industrial chain division, and the sprocket division.

Allied Locke Parts Carried

  • Allied Locke Agricultural Roller Chain
  • Allied Locke Engineering Class Chain
  • Allied Locke Engineering Class Chain Sprockets
  • Allied Locke Roller Chain
  • Allied Locke Roller Chain Sprockets
  • Allied Locke Specialty Sprockets