Bando USA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power transmission belts. Bando is also a global leading manufacturer of urethane and neoprene transmission products. Bando’s mission includes providing Quality, Service, and Value to the customers.

Bando Chemicals Industries Limited has been a leading manufacturer of high quality conveyor belts and power transmission belts since 1906. Bando originated from Bando Chemicals Industries Limited almost 75 years ago and is a manufacturing, marketing, and sales subsidiary of Bando Chemicals Industries Limited. The company is headquartered at Kobe, Japan, while the corporate office and distributor center is located in Itasca, Illinois, and the manufacturing unit is in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Bando USA has earned ISO-9001:2000, ISO-14001, and TS16949:2002 certificates in its manufacturing techniques. The company supports and actively participates in renowned industry associations, such as PTDA, AASA, ISA, NIBA, PTRA, and RUBBER manufacturers association. Besides these, Bando USA was also selected as the Independent Distributors Cooperative (IDC) vendor for the year 2004.

Bando’s products include: industrial power transmission belts and automotive belts, such as Bando V Belt and Bando Timing Belt. In addition, the product list also includes Bando Synchronous Belt and Bando VS Belt. These varied products are manufactured using highly automated and computer programmable systems.

  • Bando Synchronous Belts
  • Bando Timing Belt Pulleys
  • Bando V Belts