Curtis Universal

George V. Curtis founded the Curtis Universal company in 1935 by designing a universal joint that could be easily disassembled and reassembled without the use of special tools and the replacement of component parts. End users buying this product have found this TakeApart design very convenient for reworking the hubs of the joint to suit the mating shaft. Original Equipment Manufacturers also benefit from this design. For example, when drives on their equipment out in the field need maintenance or replacement of a component, their customer can quickly disassemble the universal joint which may enable easier access to the component or the drive itself. The TakeApart design as well as interchangeability of parts allows their customer to repair the universal joint rather than purchase a complete unit.

Over the years, Curtis universal joints have been used in many different applications. During World War II, much of Curtis’ production was for bombsights on Air Force bombers. Today, it’s a critical component in fighter aircraft machine gun systems, the Bradley fighting vehicle and on submarines and ships. Curtis joints can also be found on food processing equipment, animated characters at Disney, medical equipment and a host of other commercial and industrial applications.

We hope you take the time to familiarize yourself with the features and benefits of our product. They, along with prompt and efficient customer service have made Curtis the leader in the block and pin style universal joint for over 70 years.

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