Heim Bearings

Heim Bearings, a division of RBC Bearing, produces rod ends and spherical plain bearings. Heim Bearings services the following industries: racing and industrial. Heim Bearings offers a quality product at competitive pricing to meet the needs of any size customer in a wide variety of different applications.

Heim Rod Ends- Heim Bearings produces the industrys widest range of rod end types and sizes. Heims product range includes rod ends with brass race inserts in standard, precision, and high capacity designs; high strength two piece designs; self-lubricating rod ends with engineered thermo-plastic races or Teflon® liners; and military standard rod ends for the ultimate in rod end performance. Heim rod ends are also available with a variety of platings, coatings, and materials, and with a wide range of optional features such as lubrication fittings, left hand threads, and key-way slots.

Heim Spherical Bearings- Heim uses a wide variety of designs and materials to offer a comprehensive line of spherical bearings. Standard Heim spherical bearing designs include steel on steel precision spherical bearings with brass race inserts, high capacity, self-lubricating spherical bearings with Teflon® liners, and military standard spherical bearings. Standard material choices range from plain carbon steel to stainless steel.

Heim Unibal® Ball Bearings- Heims unique unground ball bearing is a high capacity, full complement, unitized bearing which provides long life and smooth operation in an economical package. Solid races (not split) which are unbroken by loading slots provide longer life than other unground ball bearings and will accommodate thrust loading. Heim ball bearings are available with plain and flanged ODs, and in an extra capacity design. Heim also designs and produces a wide range of special ball bearings.