Hub City Inc

Hub City was created in 1892 and in became a subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation. Hub City is known globally for their competence and rapid manufacturing times, including custom reducers and parts.

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Hub City has six factories in North America devoted to the production of their great quality, cost-effective parts and gear reducers. From worm gear reducers and bevel gear reducers to shaft mount reducers, electric motors, and mounted bearings, Hub City has a wide-range of stock of existing ready-to-ship items and can usually ship most of its stock rapidly. Hub City Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers are available in a wide range of ratios and horsepowers. Hub City also offers Worm Gear Reducers that are offered in single, double or triple reduction. Hub City also manufactures Shaft Mount Speed Reducers, Bevel Speed Reducers and Tower Speed Reducers. Hub City also produces a wide range of Electric Motors available in both single and triple phase with a varying horsepower ranges. In addition, Hub City manufactures AC and DC Gearmotors, Helical Speed Reducers, and two lines of mounted bearings: IndustriaLine and DuraLine.

Hub City is also able to manufacture custom order items rapidly in order to meet specific customer demands and requests. Hub City has found their custom items used on monorails, packaging equipment and for a variety of uses in the military. Dalton Bearing Service, Inc. can provide you with answers to any inquiries regarding Hub City’s broad product line.

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