IPCTI Bearings

IPTCI Bearings was established in 1963 and in October moved to a much larger and efficient manufacturing facility. In order to produce the most high quality yet cost-effective product possible IPTCI concentrates their focus on mounted bearings only. IPTCI manufactures a line of corrosion resistant bearings that are effectively used across the globe.

IPTCI offers a widely varying range of bore sizes from 1/2 of an inch to 4 inches. Along with their standard mounted bearings, IPTCI manufactures their nickel plated as well as stainless and thermoplastic mounted bearings. IPTCI`s standard mounted bearings are available with either a set screw locking mechanism or eccentric locking collar.

IPTCI prides themselves on incomparable customer service policies as well as the utilization of the latest technologies in order to keep up with an ever-changing marketplace. Dalton Bearing Service, Inc. can answer any questions you might have regarding the IPTCI line of mounted bearings.