Kop-Flex Coupling

Kop-Flex, a division of Emerson Power Transmission (EPT), manufactures strong industrial shaft couplings for industrial customers. Kop Flex keeps a variety of sizes and styles of couplings in stock which allow for speedy delivery times at reasonable pricing. The couplings manufactured by Kop Flex comprise of gear, tapered grid, flexible metallic disc and resilient shaft types. Kop Flex offers more than 25,000 different blends of types, sizes and bores to customers globally in various industries.

Kop-Flex is a forerunner in the coupling industry with the invention of FASTS® gear coupling. This original invention dates back to the early 1900’s which is credited to the inventor Gustav Fasts. Today is still remains a coupling of choice among many industries and applications. Kop-Flex offers Max-C® Resilient Couplings , Jaw Type, Browning “L” Type Jaw Couplings, The FAST’S® Model B Gear Type Coupling, Series H Gear Coupling, Waldron® Gear Coupling, Kop-Grid® Tapered Grid Coupling, Top-Flex Non-Lubricated Couplings, Close Couple, Spacer Type, Floating Shaft Type and Cooling Tower Type.

Dalton Bearing Service, Inc. can service you in answering any questions in regards to the Kop-Flex wide-ranging product line. We are happy to assist you as you design new machinery or have needs for current machinery. Dalton Bearing has a strong relationship with Kop-Flex and would be pleased to help with your needs.  

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