Leeson Motors

Leeson Electric Company was developed by Emil Doerr. In the 2000, Leeson merged with the Regal-Beloit Corporation. Leeson Electric has become a greatly renowned name in the electric motor industry. Leeson presently manufactures motors in sizes fluctuating from sub fractional to hundreds of horsepower.

Leeson’s products are used in a wide range of industries and marketplaces. Leeson services the textile and food industries as well as the paper and bulk material handing industry. Leeson has electric motors on machines around the world. Leeson is headquartered in Grafton, Wisconsin and has two manufacturing facilities in the United States. These warehouses allow Leeson to service customers across the country and meet their customer’s demands.

Leeson’s full line of AC Single Phase Electric Motors will meet the needs of a variety of applications. Lesson also produces a line of AC Three-Phase Electric Motors. These motors are energy efficient, dependable and truly deliver for your torque level needs. Lesson has a variety of DC Electric Motors offered including: DC-Washguard Duty, SCR Rated/General Purpose, Low Voltage, Electric and IEC (Metric) Three-Phase Motors.

Leeson offers AC and DC motors to drive and has stock that is available for immediate shipment. Leeson is well known for good customer service and meeting the high demands of their customer’s needs and are able to worth with customers on custom motor specifications. Dalton Bearing is happy to help you with any of Lesson’s products.

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