Marland Clutch

Marland was founded in 1931 and currently finds its headquarters in Burr Ridge, Illinois. With the purpose of providing customers with a high-quality, long lasting and cost-effective product, Marland uses a couple of different design principles in the implementation of its clutches and related products. Marland offers both roller bearing type clutches as well as sprag type clutches to satisfy even the most hard-wearing applications. Used in such situations as mining and also in the steel industry, Marland continues to advance their principles in order to satisfy customers in a worldwide marketplace.

Marland manufactures several different roller type products including: clutches, couplings and backstops. In the sprag product line one way bearings and other clutches are included. Through a relationship with its sister companies of Steiber and Formsprag, Marland corners the global market. Dalton Bearing Service, Inc. can help find the best Marland Clutch product to meet your particular needs. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.