Martin Sprocket and Gear

Martin Sprocket and Gear was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Arlington, Texas. Martin Sprocket & Gear is one of the power transmission industrys leaders in the manufacturing of sprockets and gears using Martins advanced and cutting edge technologies. Known worldwide for their quality sprocket and gear line, Martin also produces several other products including: sheaves, couplings as well as tools. Martin is constantly expanding their worldwide presence and currently has facilities in not only the US but also in Canada, Mexico and China.

Martin Sprocket Parts Catalog

For the customer looking for a high quality, cost-effective product, Martin can be the manufacturer to turn to due to their high committment to customer satisfaction. With thousands of products stocked in their numerous warehouses, Martin is usually able to provide same-day shipping. Martin Sprocket & Gear is also capable of producing quality made-to-order custom parts including idler sprockets as well as special engineered sprockets.

Martins sprocket and sheave lines are available in both taper lock as well as QD style to suit any customer or applicatoin requirement. Martin also takes great pride in their line of conveyor products including: troughs, hangar bearings and bucket and screw conveyors. This line of conveyor related items is available in several materials including stainless, steel and galvanized.

  • Engineering Class Sprockets
  • Martin 800 Series Conveyor Sprockets
  • Martin 800 Series Sprocket Guide Rings
  • Martin A Plate Sprockets
  • Martin Bevel Gears
  • Martin Bored to Size Sprockets
  • Martin Bored to Size Sprockets Hardened
  • Martin Bushings
  • Martin Chain Couplings
  • Martin Detachable Hubs
  • Martin Double and Single MST Sprockets
  • Martin Double and Single Sprockets
  • Martin Double and Triple Sprockets
  • Martin Double Pitch Sprockets
  • Martin Engineering Class Sprockets
  • Martin Gear Rack
  • Martin HTS Sprockets
  • Martin Idler Sprockets
  • Martin Instant Split Assembly
  • Martin Jaw Couplings
  • Martin Made to Order Gears
  • Martin Made to Order Sprockets
  • Martin Martin-Flex Couplings
  • Martin Metric Roller Chain Sprockets
  • Martin Miter Gears
  • Martin MST Sprockets
  • Martin QD Sprockets
  • Martin QD Sprockets Hardened
  • Martin Quadra-Flex Couplings
  • Martin Roller Chain Sprockets
  • Martin Semi-Finished Hubs
  • Martin Shear Pin Assemblies
  • Martin Sheaves
  • Martin Solid B Sprockets
  • Martin Spur Gears
  • Martin Stainless Steel Sprockets
  • Martin Taper Bushed Sprockets
  • Martin Taper Bushed Sprockets Hardened
  • Martin Timing Pulleys
  • Martin Torque Limiters
  • Martin Weld On Hubs
  • Martin Welded B Sprockets
  • Martin Worm and Worm Gears