Morse Chain

Morse is located in Ithaca, New York. Morse is a part of Emerson Power Transmission (EPT). Morse is a global name is the power transmission industry and is recognized for their superior products offered at reasonable prices. Morse has a variety of products ranging from roller chain and speed reducers to couplings and clutches. Morse is up to date on the newest technology and has state of the art production methods. Morse is dedicated to producing a high quality product and sets a commitment to service as an industry leader.

Morse Parts Catalog

Morse offers a wide range of products but yet is also dedicated to creating a rapid yet cost effective product. Morse’s worm and miter gear reducers are considered some of the power transmission industries finest. Morse also provides a line of conveyor products including belting and chain. Morse offers a variety of roller chains including: heavy, high strength, standard, sintered and rollerless. Morse also manufactures a broad line of clutches that are custom fit for the amount of precision required for the application. Morse offers a full line of backstop clutches and cam clutches. Morse has aligned with Regina to manufacture a superior line of conveyor products comprising of conveyor modules, plastic belting and conveyor chain. Morse also offers a line of worm speed reducers including Cobra, Raider and PowerGear. Morse meets the needs of the food industries to textiles and agriculture. With a wide range of products, Morse has a product to meet your precise need. Dalton Bearing is available to answer any questions regarding Morse products.

  • Morse Cobra Speed Reducers
  • Morse Coupling Components
  • Morse HV & Silent Chain
  • Morse Leaf Chain
  • Morse Morflex Couplings
  • Morse Raider Worm Gear Reducers
  • Morse Raider Worm Gearing Accessories
  • Morse Roller Chain
  • Morse Silent Chain Couplings
  • Morse Standard Roller Chain