Motovario, with headquarters located in Apharetta, Georgia is a worldwide innovator in the manufacture and distribution of its reducers. With both its Smartbox and its aluminum housing line of NMRV and NRV reducers, Motovario is able to provide customers with several different options when designing an application.

Motovarios Smartbox line was created to offer consumers a reducer line that is comprised of many interchangable parts. This production improvement reduces product leadtimes and also decreases the overall cost of the reducers in the product line. The Smartbox line from Motovario also features a motor coupling that is flexible that offers a number of design attributes.

The NMRV and NRV reducers by Motovario are built with aluminum housings. This improvement in design frees these reducers from maintenance requirements and also makes the reducer more efficient. With hardened worm shafts included, this line of reducers is an overall “best buy” in worm gear reducers.